#L’officiel Russia, December 2015 — January 2016

My collages for #L’officiel Russia, December 2015 — January 2016 This time with Mango @lenkalaskoradova @lenkalaskoradova Реклама

Sport Collages for BLACK RAINBOW Magazine

Made new digital cut collages for French Magazine BLACK RAINBOW. BIG THANKS: Greg Hervieux, Jay Smith, Julien Gosset. http://www.bkrw.com/blackrainbow-magazine-5-outdoor-issue BLACKRAINBOW MAGAZINE #5 OUTDOOR ISSUE Deny that outdoor is a sport where climbers evolve in a risky and uncontrollable… Читать далее

Papercollages Project SS-2016

Made 9 handmade collages, let it be Spring\Summer 2016 collection of mailart. Inspired by vintage postal stamps, my favorite model of all time — iconic Saskia De Brauw and magazines, magazines, magazines: Vogue… Читать далее

#L’officiel Russia, November 2015

My collages for #L’officiel Russia, November 2015 Buy other collages: http://www.redbubble.com/people/laskoradova

Beauty Collage for Sobaka.ru Magazine

One of my old collages inside of sobaka.ru magazine. Looks good, even in article about plastic surgery =) @lenkalaskoradova    

Scatter for Hooligans Magazine

Collages by me have been featured in fashion magazine for kids — Hooligans. Hooligans is a magazine featuring children’s fashion, art and design. This quarterly print publication is full of editorials shot by talented photographers… Читать далее

Lookbook for online shop Lemonade

Made some collages for online shop — https://lemonadeonline.ru Buy only prints here: https://hipoco.com/artist/746 (Russia) http://www.redbubble.com/people/laskoradova (Worldwide)

ArtTube Review — Mailart Collage

Big portal about art in Russia made review about my exhibition in Saint Petersbourg: Art Tube Review Thanks everybody for opening! @lenkalaskoradova  

Collage for poster of R.O.C.K.Y. party in Saint P

I love making collages, i love collaborations, so i made this collage for R.O.C.K.Y. and especially for Tema Dobrota. Happy women’s day and welcome to girrrls party on 5th March! #imsorocky #collage #art #girl #pink  

Exhibition 20.02.2016 Saint Petersburg

Mailart collage 20 февраля — 4 марта 2016 Санкт-Петербург ART ME ул. Казанская, д. 7а Выставка вручную сделанных коллажей посвящена искусству mailart, а именно почтовых отправлений. Mailart представляет собой альтернативную форму связи и предполагает… Читать далее